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AERODIAMONDS creates “Diamonds in Space” for today's discerning luxury client. This new concept is a visible artistry of diamonds connected without traditional mountings.
This is the modern uniqueness of AeroDiamonds: Unlimited designs are created without mounting the stones with prongs or metal channels. Imagine AeroDiamonds' unique ability to combine high SI quality diamonds of any shape or size in unique designs tailored for you.
Laser technology allows us to join the stones with proprietary platinum rings. Without the need for metal mountings which confine the vibrancy of the diamonds, AeroDiamonds releases “Diamonds in Space.”


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Ali Grace is a New York City based jewelry designer renowned for her timeless and modern designs. A Newport Beach, California native, Ali has been creating and handmaking jewelry from the age of eight. Her early collections garnered the attention of luxury retailers A’maree’s and Barneys New York as well as the editorial team at Teen Vogue. The latter profiled Ali as ‘One to Watch,’ and by age 14 Ali was selling her jewelry nationwide.

The Ali Grace collection is sustainably handcrafted in New York City from recycled precious metals and ethically mined diamonds and gemstones. Each style reflects a hybrid urban/coastal aesthetic, with sculptural, organic textures juxtaposed against clean metals. The collection is best known for its layered charm necklaces and stackable and statement rings designed with hidden diamonds, allowing stones to be visible at any angle.

Ali Grace Jewelry has been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, WWD, Vogue Italia, and L’Officiel.


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Catherine Sarr’s journey across three continents is the heart and soul of ALMASIKA, the fine jewelry brand she designs from her home in Chicago. This undeniable fusion of design and culture informs each piece, merging an abundance of influences and embracing global traditions to create jewelry rooted in the universal symbols, shapes and stories that transcend societal boundaries.

Known for sculptural and softly curved shapes, ALMASIKA jewels echo the lines of the body, inspired by the timeless, understated Parisian style Sarr grew up with. Embraced by notable women in all fields: independent thinkers who are curious, cultured and dynamic, ALMASIKA has been seen on luminaries including Zoë Kravitz, Reese Witherspoon, Alicia Keys and Lizzo for her Time magazine cover for 2019 Entertainer of the Year.

“So much of what I dream up is a direct reflection of the creatives I encounter in my life, from architects to art historians to engineers and artisans,” Sarr explains. “Cultural craftspeople act both as interlocutors and sources of inspiration, setting in motion an artistic and intellectual dialogue.” A collector herself, from photography to sculpture to painting, Sarr’s practice is inextricably linked to her appreciation of creative composition.

Sarr’s heritage also played a pronounced role in the chic, sculptural style that is the hallmark of ALMASIKA jewels. Born in Paris to parents from Benin, a West African country famous for developing a sculptural art form in bronze casting of high quality, the origins of ALMASIKA stems from ALMASI, the Swahili word for diamond, and SIKA, or gold, as its known in numerous West African languages.

For ALMASIKA’s signature collection Le Cauri Endiamanté, Sarr revisits a storied symbol of spirituality: the cowry shell. Cowries have long been linked to prosperity and fertility. From antiquity to the late 19th Century, cowries have been used as ornaments and currency, becoming synonymous with wealth and fortune. “When I debuted Le Cauri Endiamanté, I wanted to pay homage to this ancestral symbol of abundance, which I reinterpreted for the collection in gold and diamonds,” Sarr says. “Cowrie shells dwell deep in spiritual and symbolic references: 5,000 years ago in ancient Nubia, women had cowrie shell adornments, and today they are still considered talismans in many parts of the world.”

The Berceau collection — named after the French word for cradle — pays homage to tradition, reinterpreting ancestral decorations that become an extension of the natural human form. The design is inspired by The Great Rift Valley, a series of contiguous geographic trenches believed to be the cradle of humanity. Much of the captivating design is strikingly simple: delicate silhouettes and soft curvature are the foundations of earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Each piece of ALMASIKA jewelry is designed using 18 karat gold with natural, conflict-free diamonds. Sarr lives and works in Chicago with her husband and four children, two sons and twin daughters.


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In December of 2008, Atelier Minyon opened an exquisite flagship jewelry boutique on Spring Street in the heart of SoHo, New York City – an expansion of their six stores, Jewel House of Minyon, based in Ankara, Turkey. Designer Alp Sagnak creates unique collections that draw upon traditional Turkish design but are infused with a more modern twist. Known for using mixed metals and precious stones like diamonds, black diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, Atelier Minyon creates one-of-a-kind designs that are hand crafted. The jewelry is, without a doubt, bold and inventive and worn by those who seek something different.


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Artist. Activist. Feminist. Mother.

In her fine jewelry brand, Ana-Katarina's worlds collide with astounding beauty.
Throughout her extensive humanitarian travel and profound experiences as a war correspondent, Ana-Katarina Vinkler-Petrovic has been driven by her passion for social justice and inspired by the staggering beauty of the exotic and the everyday. "I keep a visual lexicon in my consciousness created from my background, history, travels, passions and experiences. When I design. this mental encyclopedia opens to bring forth the inspirations for my jewelry."

Ana-Katarina began organically through private clients who recognized Ana-Katarina's intuitive eye.
She has since been sought out for commissions across the globe. among them for royal families of the Middle East. She collaborates with respected artisans to sculpt her pieces. For the wearer, these striking, sensual accessories transcend the category of fine jewelry: they become stunning personal signatures, future heirlooms and treasured talismans worn at every occasion.

Motivated by the tragedies she has witnessed and the legacy she is leaving behind for her 3 daughters, Ana-Katarina is committed to sourcing reclaimed, recycled, fair-trade, and precious materials. A member of Ethical Metalsmiths and AGTA (American Gem Trade Association). she passionately supports ethical and sustainable practices in the making of her collections.

In 2017. Ana-Katarina created the 'Iconic Women' campaign to honoring and celebrating the extraordinary in all women. The campaign was created using a culturally diverse range of real women as models whose beauty comes from their creativity, achievement, courage and expression of femininity.

Ana-Katarina's jewelry is proudly crafted in the United States and has been sold throughout the U.S.,Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It has been featured in private exhibitions worldwide and highlighted in the national and international press.


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A professional background that includes important projects and collaborations designing for the most prestigious luxury brands, such as Cartier, Jaeger-Le Coultre, Bulgari, Tiffany & Co. and Ferragamo as Senior Watch Manager and Designer, Anna decided to launch her Fine Jewelry line at the end of 2018.Anna Maccieri Rossi ‘s Jewelry is an Italian Brand with the goal of creating precious and timeless pieces of Art, designed and hand made in Italy. It is a very innovative project inspired by her heritage in watchmaking. All the collections are deeply inspired by the theme of Time. A time that must not be chased or taken by grant-ed, but appreciated, loved, lived. It is a tribute to memory through imagination. Memory is able to connect us to our roots and tradition; Imagination can inspire and bring us to the future. Memory is our essence. Imagination is our dream.


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ARK Fine Jewelry is a collection of personal, protective talismans that are embraced by ancient wisdom and embedded with meaningful and protective truths. The adornments seek to manifest the harmony of energy healing and celebrate ancient Eastern philosophies, light, ritual, and the concept of time. Each beautifully handcrafted piece is designed to stimulate the highest vibration of the wearer, amplifying their unique strength and brilliancy as modern goddesses -- timeless and infinite like the Universe. 

Designer Ann Korman is an avid yoga practitioner with extensive spiritual and physical training in a breadth of disciplines, including meditation, jyotish (Vedic astrology), gemology, the science of light, Kabbalah and nutrition. She was approached during a yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India by a guru that offered to teach her the traditional Vedic understanding of gemstones and energy, as well as the meanings of ancient tantric symbols that turn up in her designs. For years, she traveled between India and Los Angeles acquiring new knowledge and understanding before officially launching ARK Fine Jewelry in 2017.

Ann had an affinity for artistic design and culture long before introducing her eponymous line. After graduating from Cornell, she went on to earn her Masters in Fine Art and spent her career showing in New York galleries and briefly working as a fashion editor for Vogue magazine before moving to Los Angeles to embark on a journey towards enlightenment, celebration and transcendence.

Ann’s work is deeply grounded in her spiritual practices, with the name ARK standing both for her initials (Ann Rosen Korman) and the concept of protection, safety, and forward momentum. She designs jewelry with the philosophy of energy healing by curating timeless gemstones and pairing tantric symbols of wisdom. In yoga, symbols help practitioners elevate themselves to a higher state of consciousness and bring deeper meaning and insight into one’s path.

ARK Fine Jewelry is meant to inspire people with designs that are not only beautiful and thought provoking, but also empowering and uplifting. The collection is made with positive intention from 18k recycled gold and conflict-free diamonds & gemstones.

Upon launching, ARK Fine Jewelry won THE NEXT NOW competition in 2017, which aims to discover and cultivate the next generation of jewelry designers. In 2018, the brand won the Couture Design Award for Best in Colored Gemstones Under $20K.

A percentage of annual sales is donated to’s Women Empowerment Fund. For more information, please visit

"Vedic science, the ancient wisdom tradition of India, says that unless you can get in touch with that embryo of a god or goddess incubating inside you, unless you can let that embryo be fully born, then your life will always be mundane. But once that god or goddess expresses itself through you, then you will do grand and wondrous things." ― Deepak Chopra


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BAKTI is designed by LA based sister duo Nicole and Pauline Baktiarian. Handcrafted in Los Angeles, California each jewelry piece reinforces the sisters' mantra: ‘the right amount of edge', blurring the lines between delicacy and edginess. Handset diamonds complete each piece's aesthetic, creating the perfect unity of elegance and structure. Designed to be worn up or down, each piece becomes an extension of every woman's inner risk taker. The BAKTI collection is designed and crafted from the hands of BAKTI woman for the limitless imagination of every woman.


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Bea Bongiasca, born in Milan in 1990, is an Italian jewellery designer.

In 2013, she graduated with honours in Jewellery Design BA at Central Saint Martins in London, the same year that she founded her own brand and studio in Milan. She presented her first collection, No Rice, No Life in 10 Corso Como during Milan Fashion Week in September 2014.

Bea’s inspiration stems from her fascination with East Asia and by the personal experiences she had while visiting these regions. She incorporates the visual language and knowledge she gained during her travels with her deep passion for pop culture and her western flair. The focus that Bea has is more of jewellery as an art form and her concept is the pivotal aspect of her design process. Each piece functions as a miniature fantasy world for the wearers to immerse themselves in.

The focus that Bea Bongiasca has is more of jewellery as an art form and her concept is the pivotal aspect of her design process. Each piece functions as a miniature fantasy world for the wearers to immerse themselves in.

In December 2014, Bea had a solo show with contemporary jewellery gallery, Galleria Antonella Villanova, in the Design section of Art Basel: Miami Beach. The gallery also exhibited her work in the 2015 edition of MiArt and Design Basel in June 2015. In July 2015, she presented Endless? a capsule jewellery collection with Toiletpaper Magazine.

In November 2015 Bea Bongiasca won the first “Premio Giovani Imprese - Believing in the Future” for the Jewellery category. Fondazione Altagamma created this award in partnership with L’Uomo Vogue, Borsa Italiana and Maserati with the aim to promote upcoming and most promising Italian creative talents

In January 2017 Bea was named the Arts & Dorm Room Founders categories in Forbes’ second annual “30 Under 30 Europe class of 2017” list, during the same month she introduced “No Rice, No Love” an 8 pieces capsule collection exclusively designed for YOOX in occasion of Valentine’s Day.

In September 2018, during Milan Fashion Week, she created her first temporary corner Pop-Up Store at the most exclusive department store in Italy, Rinascente Duomo. After the success of the latter in May 2019, Rinascente hosted the second Bea Bongiasca Pop-Up

In January 2019, ‘The Magic Circle’ was founded, a traveling trunk show platform created with Najeeba Hayat from Kuwait, founder of Liudmila Footwear, Nafsika and Stephanie Skourti, creators of Nafsika Skourti in Jordan.

In October 2019 Bea opened her first flagship store in Via Solferino, 25, Milan. The location, created by Locatelli Partners, perfectly represents the brand’s key features: a colorful, pop and kawaii boutique.

Bea Bongiasca Jewels can be found at her Milan flagship store, on, in selected concept store and on main e-commerce platforms as Net-A-Porter, Moda Operandi and Threads. Among the many brand lovers celebrities who wore Bea Bongiasca Jewels, we can remember Dua Lipa, Leandra Medine, Jess Glynne and Ashley Graham

All Bea Bongiasca Collections are handmade in Italy.


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Brent Neale Winston is a New York City-based designer whose love of jewelry started when her mother would bring her to gem shows near her native Baltimore. After graduating from Johns Hopkins University (where she made jewelry by hand as a hobby), and with the encouragement of the late jewelry historian and InStyle editor Penny Proddow, Winston enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she received an associates’ degree in jewelry design. There she honed her design and rendering skills studying under esteemed professors such as the late Maurice Galli.

Winston then formally started her jewelry career at Kara Ross New York, working directly under the eponymous designer, eventually becoming the jewelry director. Here, she oversaw the design and product development of over 25 collections, including fine jewelry, costume jewelry and runway collaborations with Tory Burch, J. Mendel and Naeem Khan, among others.

After eight years, Winston left to concentrate on her growing family and make her own mark in the jewelry industry with her namesake line. Today, Winston spends her days on 47th Street, intimately working with a small group of gem dealers, cutters and bench jewelers to create and build every piece in her collection. After just one year of wholesale under her belt, Winston’s whimsical line was picked up by Barneys New York, cementing her place among an elite group of fine jewelry creatives. She lives with her husband and three children in New York City, where she proudly designs and makes all her pieces.


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Buddha Mama is inspired by Buddhism and Eastern traditions, pop-culture and whimsy and infused with a Whole Lotta Love!

The collection is rooted in the philosophy of contribution, and was started at the family kitchen table as a way to support their spiritual center. Since those early days of stringing beads, the brand has expanded and grown to become an award-winning, international business whose clientele includes Madonna, Katy Perry and Kesha.

Buddha Mama's point-of-view allows the aspirational client to find their way into the brand and speaks volumes to the person looking for something rare and unique. The smallest scale of Buddha is made with as much integrity and attention-to-detail as their rockstar one-of-a-kind pieces. It is due to this mindfulness that they have built such a loyal and passionate following.

Nancy and Dakota Badia, the mother-daughter design team behind Buddha Mama, supported by best friend, Leyla Torre, Head of Operations, have created a unique voice in the marketplace. The collection is designed with intention, but for one's individual expression. And nothing could be more accurate — our collectors show us that every day!

Today, Buddha Mama continues to contribute a portion of all sales to charities, and regularly become involved with organizations close to their retailers’ communities’ hearts.

"To be able to do what we love and give back in the process is the biggest blessing anyone could ask for." — Nancy Badia


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All Campbell + Charlotte fine jewelry is designed by Jenny Crane McHugh and crafted, by hand, in New York City. Jenny's love for jewelry started at an early age. One of her parents' favorite memories involves the nightly war she waged as a two year old in refusing to remove the dozens of plastic bracelets, necklaces and earrings she wore each day. Then, each morning, every piece had to be put back on before the day could start. Over the years, this love matured from plastic jewelry to fine jewelry and she is thrilled to be launching her first fine jewelry collection with Campbell + Charlotte.

The namesake Campbell + Charlotte is deeply meaningful to Jenny. Campbell is her first child and daughter's name who, in many ways, was the push Jennyneeded to leave the corporate world and take a chance on her dreams. Charlotte is where Jenny lives with family and where her initial collection was born. Hence, the name Campbell + Charlotte.

Jenny makes 'serious jewels for those who don't take themselves too seriously'.  The brand has a complete love affair with color and gemstones.  Jennybelieves all stones have beauty and is inspired by finding the best way to showcase their unique beauty through her jewelry pieces.


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Admiring relics and custom designs from their mother’s jewelry box, sisters Yarden and Oren Katz share a little bit of their family history with each of their collections. Every new collection evolves from an idea, system, or design born from an heirloom and interpreted into a modern jewelry story. Though the creative duo began designing pieces in their father's shop at a young age, the motivation to launch their own jewelry line came after a few years of working in the New York fashion industry, which infused a fast-paced growth to their business. Their contrasting personalities create an aesthetic relatable to every type of woman – whether modern, feminine, or edgy. The California natives learned a passion for jewelry design from their mother, and the knowledge of diamonds and the jewelry business from their father, who opened the family-owned manufacturing house over 30 years ago.

Their collections have decorated several high-end retailers throughout Los Angeles including Barneys New York, Ron Herman, Intermix, and Broken English to name a few, as well as online retailers including FWRD, Moda Operandi, and Stone & Strand. Carbon & Hyde jewelry is worn and loved by their large celebrity customer base including Taylor Swift, Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr, Jennifer Aniston, and Khloe Kardashian.

Fine with an Edge


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Claudia Mae Fine Jewelry was born out of Claudia's innate love and appreciation for color, contrast, and contour. From cake decoration to makeup artistry, Claudia has always been a creator with an eye for pattern and distinction.

After graduating from New York University, Claudia went to work in the fragrance industry. Feeling trapped and uninspired by corporate office culture, she spent her lunch hours window shopping Madison Avenue. Claudia made daily rounds to admire new pieces on display at top jewelry houses like Buccellati, Harry Winston and Pomellato, daydreaming not about what it would be like to wear these works of art, but to create them. 

Determined to satisfy the creative craving left unfulfilled by her day job, Claudia enrolled at a local jewelry studio with the intent of making the pieces she wanted to wear but could not seem to find in stores. Her first mission was to create the “perfect gold band” which, after all of those lunch hours spent on Madison Avenue, she was sure did not exist. This “perfect gold band” later became Claudia’s signature Nomad ring.

Realizing that jewelry was her true calling, Claudia studied at the Gemological Institute of America and apprenticed under esteemed jewelers while developing the Claudia Mae collection piece by piece. Today Claudia collaborates with select artisans and gem dealers to handcraft her designs in the finest materials sourced from all around the world.


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Dana Rebecca Gordon, a third-generation jeweler, was raised in the industry. Her childhood was spent behind the scenes at her father's factory in downtown Chicago. After a trip to India with her father, Dana launched her first collection at 16 and never looked back.

In 2007, she founded Dana Rebecca Designs on the simple, but important idea your jewelry should make you feel as comfortable as your favorite t-shirt and as amazing as your little black dress.

Her passion for empowering women is evident in her pieces, which she designs and names after important women in her life. Dana Rebecca Designs fine jewelry pieces are intended to be luxurious keepsakes for all of life's moments.


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Devon Woodhill, established by designer Melissa Levy in 2013, brings a fresh and modern approach to traditional fine jewelry. Named for the two streets that Melissa has lived on, the name of the brand represents her happiest memories and source of inspiration – family, life and love.

Each piece in the collection is designed to celebrate the many facets of the wearers life – where you have been, where you are and where you are going, all while you #carrylovewithyou.

The Locket
Melissa's love of jewelry, and lockets in particular, stems from her early childhood memories. Every day, her grandmother wore a locket with a picture of little Melissa tucked inside. Since then, Melissa has cultivated a lifestyle that honors those whom she loves, and she has created a fine jewelry line that inspires others to do the same.

Since the launch of the collection, Devon Woodhill has become quickly known for our range of signature locket's. Crafted in 18kt gold with brilliant diamonds and sapphires, each DW design offers a sophisticated and modern twist on an undeniable classic. The story unfolds for each wearer with their unique combination of lockets, charms, chains and cords.

About Melissa Levy
Melissa's formal design education began at Cornell University's School of Architecture, Art and Planning. She continued to hone her sense of style and creativity in the buying offices of Barneys New York.

Currently, Melissa lives in Westport, Connecticut with her husband Paul, daughter Jane, sons Brett + Derek, and her dog Sparky.


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DRU. was born out of a desire to create meaning and make sense out of life’s complexities. I have always been drawn to icons and images that symbolize strength and have provided hope and solace throughout history, so my collection began there. As DRU. evolved, I began to incorporate inspiring words and meaningful mantras meant to empower and embolden the wearer, while keeping with the DRU. aesthetic of quality, uniqueness, and edge.

I am drawn to duality: the fragile lines separating the light and the dark and the interplay of the two. Distinct in its authenticity, DRU. oftentimes uses irony and humor to reveal truth. Like the hidden meanings in many of the pieces, there are also subtle details that are meant to engage one’s curiosity and wonder: colored gemstones in unexpected places and unique shapes that play with structure and architecture. Because DRU. understands the ingenuity of its customers and embraces their individuality, most pieces are customizable in metals, stones, and mantras.

From the whimsical to the bold, my jewelry is designed to foster connectivity and instill a sense of protection—whether it be from the painful or just the mundane. More than anything, I want the wearer of my jewelry to feel braver, stronger, and more able to tackle what seems insurmountable. My inspiration comes from the women and men who wear my jewelry--their struggles, fears, and feelings, for it is these truths that bind us to one another.


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Taking inspiration from her background in Art History and worldly travels, Emily Faith launched her fine jewelry collection, EF Collection in 2010. Staying true to her personal aesthetic, Emily sets out to create delicate pieces that can be worn and enjoyed everyday with a chic, sexy and feminine feel. Focusing on the use of 14k golds subtly handset with diamonds and precious stones, EF Collection is a distinctive combination of understated glamour and simple elegance.


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Los Angeles-based designer Emily P. Wheeler took a serious interest in jewelry at 13 while on a road trip with her father from Boston to Arizona. Her dad, an architectural photographer, stopped often at roadside markets to collect Native American turquoise and sterling silver jewels and curiosities. Also born with a collector's eye, Emily gravitated towards colorful rocks and gems, and was gifted with a rock tumbler upon their return home.

In the years between her budding jewel obsession and her formal turn as a designer, Emily gravitated towards art and music. As a 15-year-old model, she was signed to IMG and quickly got a huge break as part of an Italian Vogue feature shot by Peter Lindbergh called “Next Generation”. Choosing to stay in school, Emily headed to Providence, RI where she was part of the punk rock scene.

Her early fascination with gems and jewelry resurfaced in her 20s, and she spent summers avidly attending trunk shows at Tayloe Piggott gallery in her parents' hometown of Jackson, WY. Emily found success making one-off beaded pieces and selling them to friends, but longed to work with fine materials, so she started a program of self-education by attending the Tucson gem fairs and learning all she could from networking and a small group of mentors.

The next step was partnering with a small, family-owned factory in Los Angeles in 2015 to create a small set of signature pieces, including her Platform ring, by learning through trial and error. Once she had a handle on the level of quality and construction she aspired to, she set out to build a collection that finds its roots in her personal history: a little bit of architectural simplicity (her dad), a little bit of punk rock (her college years), and a little bit of edge (her early days modeling).

Today, Emily P. Wheeler's 18-karat gold, diamond and fine gemstone jewelry can be found in a carefully-chosen handful of exclusive high-end retailers across the U.S., including Material Good, Fivestory and ETC.


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Born and raised in booming Los Angeles, designer Erin Sachse was constantly surrounded by creative minds. Her mother served as her primary source of creative inspiration, always challenging her to look inward in order to develop her own artistic visions.  As Erin’s style evolved, she scoured the market for playful accessories she could wear everyday until she realized that the aesthetic she sought did not exist. She then decided to make the unique jewelry she had dreamed up herself. With humble beginnings as a side-project during her formative high school years, she went on to launch the first iteration of Eriness Jewelry out of her college dorm room. After continuously being stopped on the street by admiring passersby who were curious about her adornments, she decided to pursue this creative endeavor full-time. In 2015 she transitioned into fine jewelry and re-launched Eriness, combining diamonds and colorful gemstones to create an elegant and playful balance inspired by the everyday, modern, and empowered woman. Her jewelry can be found in stores like Elyse Walker and GOOP, and has been spotted on sophisticated tastemakers such as Reese Witherspoon and Michelle Obama.


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Growing up surrounded by the most rare and unique high jewelry, Anna quickly developed a natural eye for selecting the most beautiful diamonds and gemstones. After completing the Graduate Diamond program at GIA, as well as receiving another certification from the Diamond District in Tel Aviv, Anna began her career as a Bridal and Fine Jewelry Consultant in NYC teaching diamond education and creating custom designs. 

Rachel's passion for jewelry began at an early age starting with her first internship at a fine jewelry company. From there she worked in various areas in the industry including a jewelry store, diamond wholesale company as well as a private jeweler. Rachel received her diamond certification from the Diamond District in Tel Aviv, which allows her to combine her passion with knowledge to create beautiful and timeless pieces.


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Graziela Kaufman is certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Colored Gems, Diamonds and Jewelry making and is part of The Contemporary Jewelry Design Group. Her beautifully designed pieces are adored by celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez, Khloe Kardashian and many more.

Learning from her grandfather, Graziela hand-designs every piece. She grew up in Brazil learning about many of the natural resources the country has to offer. Her backyard was a ‘gemological treasure’. She traveled to many different mining towns throughout Brazil learning about the fascinating history behind every stone that would ultimately be the inspiration for her future creations.
She moved to the United State more than 17 years ago where she lives with her husband and four boys. Graziela currently resides in the Chicago area.

Outside of Jewelry, one of Graziela’s passions is to make a difference in the lives of homeless and abused animals. She is involved with several organizations around the world that help rehabilitate animals of all sorts. We need to be the voice for these helpless creatures, please join us in the fight. Together we can make a difference.


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Designer and President Sweta Jain has been working with gemstones since childhood. As a purveyor of stones to the finest jewelry houses globally, the Jains’ only saw fit to keep the entire family involved. Sweta and her brother willingly accompanied their father to the mines of Africa, and learnt first hand the process from Mining of the raw material (Rough) to the Manufacturing of the gemstones.

As Sweta matured into a young woman, she became aware of budding interests. These interests led her to become a certified pilot, artist, and photographer. However, it was her young love for gemstones that became her calling. She enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology to study jewelry design. She was now inspired by the beautiful gems she once tossed around as a child. “I love the idea of being able to create with gemstones; to mix the colors. When I dress up, I wear jewelry to show how I feel at that moment. My collection reflects that.”

Goshwara has become a powerhouse in luxury goods. The silhouettes created by Sweta coupled with the natural beauty of gemstones, make this brand comparable to none.


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HALLEH is the namesake fine jewelry collection from Halleh Amiralai, whose design point of view has been formed by her international career and travels. After working at major fashion houses like Chanel, Amiralai enrolled in a jewelry class that lead to a trip to India where she fell in love with its take on jewels. Upon returning to New York City, where the brand is based, she launched the collection in 2010.

Inspired by architecture and her mother's personal style, Amiralai built HALLEH around the belief that jewelry should be timeless yet with a modern edge. Her creations exude a chic and sophisticated style while keeping to function and form.

All HALLEH pieces are handcrafted in 18k gold and embellished with precious gems such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and other touches of unique materials like Persian turquoise and lapis.

HALLEH has been seen on celebs such as Rose Bryne, Mandy Moore and Julia Roberts, as well as been featured in top publications including Women's Wear Daily and W Magazine.

All pieces are sold exclusively online and at private trunk shows at major retailers nationwide. She also has a showroom in Manhattan to receive clients by appointment.


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Harika Ustaoglu's passion for fine jewelry is evident in all her designs and her execution is meticulous. With integrity at the forefront, Harika uses fine material: 14 and 18 KT gold, diamonds, and gemstones. Every stone in her collection is hand picked from respectful sources to ensure their quality.

Gemstones are often the focus in her designs and her use of empty space in free forms helps accomplish this goal. The result is a stunning masterpiece that is both familiar and unique.

Inspiration comes to Harika in many ways. She's equally inspired by a trip across the globe as she is sitting in traffic. Mundane objects like the tail light of a car or a boat propeller spark creativity just as walk through the streets of Istanbul. Harika works through her inspirations and designs in her New York City studio when she's not traveling.

Simplistic yet elevated, Harika fine jewelry is the perfect modern element to every collection.


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Lauren Harwell Godfrey is the founder and designer of Harwell Godfrey, a bold line of fine jewelry based in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. With aesthetic roots in ancient textiles and ethnic patterns, the collection is handcrafted in 18k gold with precious gemstones, powerful inlay and vivid enamel. Designed with healing energy in mind, each gemstone is thoughtfully selected to enhance the wearer’s experience. From literal references to the Four Elements to figurative references to block printing and weaving in cultures from long ago, the collection brings a sense of history to modern day precious heirlooms. No detail is left unfinished: most pieces even feature delicate engravings on the backs, reinforcing the intentions of the design with beautifully-rendered motifs.


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The collection was launched in 2007 and was quickly selected by Saks Fifth Avenue, Moda Operandi, Catbird, and ABC Carpet and Home amongst other international retailers. The designers trace their roots in jewelry back to their ancestral homeland in the north western deserts of India. Their homeland is a place enchanted by history, mysticism and beauty and is where the edifices of their family lineage still stand today. Each edifice was carved with the most skilled hand; to tell stories of mythology of the land. Through their trips back to India it was these stories that continue to inspire their collections.
From an early age Vikas developed a fascination with the balance of simplicity and purpose in design. With an engineering degree from MIT, Vikas nurtured a nonconformist approach that merge fashion, engineering, and design. Ila tempers Vikas' approach with beauty and softness that was instilled by their mother an FIT graduate of textile design, and by her 8 years of experience designing high end bridal jewelry.


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Jennifer DeMoro Jewelry is a fine jewelry line designed and based in Southern California since 2017. With a penchant for conversational and unexpected fine jewelry, Jennifer’s designs are filled with fun loving color and personality. Her designs speak to the woman of today who is self-assured, strong, world traveled, and understand style.

The Jennifer DeMoro collection exemplifies the ‘California Cool’ aesthetic by blending the classic West Coast style with a touch of elevated bohemian glamour. The result is a collection full of clean lines, shapes and vibrant color. All of Jennifer’s jewelry reflects the relaxed coastal vibe that Californian style is known for.

Her main inspiration comes from the the cultural nuances of California in the 70’s: the arresting artwork, the laid back fashion sensibility, and cool beach lifestyle. Jennifer is able to capture these nostalgic feelings with colored stones that are vibrant and saturated, and reflect her California sunsets.

The beauty and lifestyle of Southern California attracted Jennifer early on in her life when she attended college in San Diego. Today she calls San Clemente home where she is making new memories in the sunset with her husband and young son.


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Kavant&Sharart, created by award-winning husband and wife duo Kenny and Shar-linn, consists of avant-garde, organic pieces paired with an art deco and oriental aesthetic. Their unique contrast of inspirations allows for a natural juxtaposition of geometric lines and subtle curves.

The couple met in 2004 at the University of Wisconsin- Madison where Kenny first exposed Shar-linn to the world of jewelry. Having grown up in a third generation fine jewelry store, Kenny's passion for gems was inevitable. Upon graduation, Shar-linn pursued the financial sector until she decided to follow Kenny's path and enrolled in G.I.A. The two finally tied the knot in 2011 and felt it was time to take their designs to the next level. Together in Bangkok, they created Kavant&Sharart, a unique perspective of fine jewelry made in 18k yellow, white and rose gold completed with sapphires, emeralds, diamonds and other precious stones. Today, the couple lives between Bangkok and Singapore with their son and often travel around the region to gain inspiration for their contemporary brand. Kavant&Sharart is carried at select retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Broken English, Moda Operandi, Latest Revival and is loved by A-list celebrities including Katy Perry, Idina Menzel, Anna Kendrick and Allison Williams.


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KC Designs creates jewelry that compliments every style from runway chic to Saturday afternoon casual. President Lenny Krol adds, “We want to redefine the image of diamond jewelry . . . making it more fun, approachable and accessible for women of all ages.” In the twenty five years since the company's inception, KC Designs has garnered the acclaim of celebrities and fashion authorities alike. Distinctive diamond pieces have been showcased in feature films, major television network shows and many popular publications.

peace on earth gold and diamond intials custom monogram fine jewelry


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From A to Z , KWIT captures a unique way to express your individuality. In a combination of 14K gold and diamond pave the wearer is met with endless options to customize.


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Trinket Trays are original designs by Lisa Bayer, a NYC based former fashion executive who delved into the art world in 2018.

The trinket trays are an extension of Lisa’s passion for jewelry though they're useful for many things.


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Immersed in the world of fine jewelry since the age of 16, Los Angeles Native, Lizzie Mandler is inspired by the intrinsic sentimental value of fine jewelry and its ability to transpose a deeper and more personal story. Surrounded by a family of artists, Mandler first began experimenting with design while making costume styles at a young age. As she grew up, so evolved her aesthetic, refining her sensibilities and designing jewelry through her uniquely geometric and modern lens. After studying traditional metal smithing for 6 years in both Los Angeles and Florence, she launched her collection in 2012.


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Melissa Kaye was born and raised in New York City. She has an undergraduate degree in computer science from MIT and a master's degree in computational finance from Carnegie Mellon University. After years of working in finance as a quantitative strategist, Melissa decided to take a different direction and pursue a lifelong interest in jewelry. She started her foray into jewelry design by completing the jewelry design program at FIT. Melissa Kaye Jewelry was launched shortly thereafter.

Given her mathematical background, Melissa finds inspiration in geometric and natural patterns. She incorporates these elements throughout her line, bringing a modern edge to classic shapes. Pieces are cleverly engineered to capture form and function, highlighted by many subtle and unexpected details.

Melissa strives to create the go-to jewelry in a woman's wardrobe. She believes there should be a “quiet sparkle” in everyday life, and designs truly wearable pieces while still reflecting luxury and sophistication.

The collection has amassed a significant celebrity following and has been featured in numerous publications including The New York Times, W, Elle, and InStyle.


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Modern, bold and full of vibrancy, M.Spalten transforms the way women wear jewelry. Inspired by the energy and vivid imagery of her hometown San Antonio, Texas, Melissa’s collections represent her love of color. Her collections fuse unusual gemstone combinations creating luxurious, sophisticated motifs.

Melissa is dedicated to highlighting the unique characteristics of each brilliant and exotic gemstone within her 14K and 18K gold collections. Her unconventional imagination is brought to life through wearable, modern fine jewelry.


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Meredith Marks reflects inspirations of her Asian travels and embodies the natural beauty and culture of the countries where she travels. Meredith combines the practicality of multi-functional pieces with the raw beauty of natural stones and foreign motifs. Meredith uses gold, silver, precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds and semi-precious colored stones such as moonstone or amethyst melding them into creative modern designs with a classic twist. Meredith hails from Chicago and the fashion districts of Oak Street and Michigan Avenue from a family that was always involved in fashion. Meredith remembers her mother coordinating charity fashion shows and as a former model, Meredith has always been tied to the fashion industry which combined with her passion for fashion, was a natural transition into jewelry design.


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After graduating with a BFA in sculpture from The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, she began creating wire wrapped and pearl pieces as a hobby. “While shopping with my mom I sold a necklace I was wearing- I was so excited! That's when I decided to combine my love of fashion and the arts by starting the Mizuki collection.”
Mizuki's beautifully modern designs are the result of precise execution and a detailed thought process. Her sensitivity to pearls allows her to create pieces that range from delicate to bold, with a style that she herself possesses which she passes along in every piece .
“I believe that when wearing jewelry, a woman should look styled yet unstudied so that there is a chic nonchalance.”
Since launching her collection in 1996, Mizuki is the designer who put the fashion in fine jewelry and continues to lead the field. In 2016 she won both the Pearl Design award at Centurion and the Pearl Design award at the prestigious Couture Show in Las Vegas.
“Jewelry is personal and evocative. It is emotional and has the power to transform how each of us feel. It should be treasured and most importantly, worn with confidence as it always takes you on a journey to project your true beauty.”


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Milan Chokshi envisioned a Jewelry House that would embody the qualities of precision, distinction, artistry and unique design, a quest that would pay homage to his family's rich 75-year heritage. In 2005, Milan realized his dream with the launch of Moksh. Today, the brand's collections reach all corners of the world and have captivated a discerning clientele. With its avant-garde designs, woven pearls, precious gemstones, stunning gold craftsmanship and cutting-edge manufacturing, Moksh epitomizes the impeccable standards of a contemporary, high-end jewelry Maison. Allowing the past to inspire a resolutely modern look, this brand appeals to today’s most avid collectors.


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MY STORY, by Jackie Cohen, came about from a simple piece of jewelry that Jackie designed to celebrate her journey to motherhood.

Inspired by her Adoption journey, she created a simple band with Julia's birthstone in it and a collection was born. MY STORY is sentimental fine jewelry that is designed to represent life's milestones.

Express yourself in color with MY STORY’s on trend lockets, sophisticated birthstone jewelry, and custom designs.


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Recognized for his innovative departures from standard metalworking techniques and an experimental aesthetic that is at once modern and classic, Nak Armstrong's CFDA Award-winning work continues to push the boundaries of design. His work has garnered praise from national press including W, InStyle, Harper's Bazaar, and WWD. Armstrong's background in architecture and fashion are evident in the engineering of his designs, as he developed a proprietary technique to suspend stones in metal. Hand-fabricated in Austin, TX, this labor-intensive construction process allows for highly textural and layered designs that are deceptively lightweight.


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Recognized for his innovative departures from standard metalworking techniques and an experimental aesthetic that is at once modern and classic, Nak Armstrong's CFDA Award-winning work continues to push the boundaries of design. His work has garnered praise from national press including W, InStyle, Harper's Bazaar, and WWD. Armstrong's background in architecture and fashion are evident in the engineering of his designs, as he developed a proprietary technique to suspend stones in metal. Hand-fabricated in Austin, TX, this labor-intensive construction process allows for highly textural and layered designs that are deceptively lightweight.


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Nouvel Heritage was born of the fusion of two typically contradictory styles: the fiercely modern and the timelessly elegant. Intended to be collected, Nouvel Heritage's pieces have redefined the art of jewelry stacking and layering.

Nouvel Heritage's pieces are handcrafted in founder Camille Parruitte's family-owned jewelry workshop in Paris on Rue de La Paix, the famed avenue bordering Place Vendome where many of the world's powerhouse luxury brands handcraft their pieces. Parruitte’s upbringing in the heart of Paris's jewelry market cultivated her knowledge of jewelry production and design, motivating her to create collections that bring a modern edge to traditional Parisian handcrafting.

Parruitte's French origin coupled with her American collegiate experience developed the unique modern aesthetic of Nouvel Heritage’s jewelry, which retain the effortless elegance of her Parisian roots.


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Immersed in the jewelry industry at a young age, Jeanette Park watched her mother run a small jewelry business and her father on the bench. She loved the connection jewelry made with people and knew it had to be a part of her life. After taking the leap from her corporate career to launch ParkFord, Jeanette began designing fresh, distinctive jewelry for women that celebrates individuality.

Experimenting with new motifs, pops of colored gems and modern style, Jeanette carved out her own unique jewelry esthetic. Inspired by Chicago architecture, vintage decor, and international energetic cities, each versatile and eclectic collection from ParkFord features sophisticated everyday luxury fine jewelry.

Meticulously crafted by hand exclusively in Chicago, the ParkFord collection combines exacting standards of quality with conscientious jewelry practices.


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Playfully irreverent high fashion design and a classically chic aesthetic, Phillips House designers Lisa Phillips Frankel & Danielle Frankel Nemiroff have paved the way for a new category of fine jewelry.  In just four years, Phillips House has expanded into top retailers across the world, graced the pages of nearly every magazine to note -- including the famed cover of Women's Wear Daily -- and landed on the steps of Buckingham Palace as the sole jewelry designer worn by the First Lady to her historic meeting with the Queen of England and Kate Middleton.


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Bold. Powerful. Timeless. Sophisticated.Rachel Katz Jewelry uses crisp, architectural lines to create pieces as elegant as they are cool. Originally inspired by a necklace passed down to her by her mother, Rachel turned to jewelry as a creative outlet after many years of advertising, commercial real estate, and entertainment. Using her keen sense for precision and duality, Rachel has built a following of celebrities and private clients worldwide who are drawn to her signature designs

The collection is strongly influenced by the structure and geometry of mid-century architecture, with a touch of free-form, hedonistic 1970s design. Versatile, stackable, and cool, the jewelry is simultaneously bold enough to make a statement, yet wearable for everyday. Paired with a white t-shirt or a black-tie gown, it transitions seamlessly from day to night, and from edgy to elegant. Rachel Katz pieces can be stacked and layered in multiples, allowing clients to build a strong, personal look.

Rachel's signature fine jewelry line is available in 14k yellow, rose, white and black gold, elevated with hand-set diamonds. (18k or 24k are available by custom request). Rooted in quality, each Rachel Katz piece is made by hand in Los Angeles by skilled artisans.


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My mission is simple, to create jewels of exquisite quality for the modern woman. I believe this can be done with minimal impact to the natural world that has inspired my creativity since childhood. I dedicate my time to creating and curating timeless, elegant and individual pieces. I look forward to contributing to the special moments in your life through the magic of jewelry.

Renna grew up in Pacific Palisades, California. Her creative connection with the natural world began one summer morning after discovering two coffee bean shells with her mother at Salt Creek Beach in Laguna. Her mother created the original pieces of shell jewelry which Renna has treasured for over a decade before embarking on her own.

Renna currently resides in New York. She is a certified Graduate Gemologist through the Gemological Institute of America and holds her Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley and her Master’s degree from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art.


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Growing up on the beaches of Tel Aviv, Sig Ward developed her love for art, nature, architecture and organic design. Now based in Manhattan Beach, California, Sig continues to be inspired by these elements and incorporates them in her eponymous line of fine jewelry.

Drawing from the vivid hues of the ocean, her collections feature opulent precious and semi-precious stones such as Opal, Aquamarine, Chrysoprase and Tanzanite. Each stone in her collection is meticulously hand selected and expertly set in 14 and 18 karat gold, creating luxurious future heirlooms with stories all of their own.


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Celebrating rich global cultures, Silvia Furmanovich is a true creative alchemist. Based in Brazil, but with an international presence, the family- run business is founded on a fascination with craftsmanship, a love of natural materials and meticulous attention to detail.

INSPIRATION: Inspired by the work of her father, Salvador Longobardi, a celebrated goldsmith, Silvia Furmanovich places craftsmanship at the center of her jewelry design practice. Her work is fearlessly bold, asserting its presence through aesthetic statements, combining the sophisticated use of complex materials with a curiosity-driven engagement with the natural world.

MATERIALS USED: 18k gold, precious and semi- precious stones, sustainable bamboo, wood marquetry, miniature painting.

CRAFT: Her jewelry, handbags, and decorative accessories have been described as “unconventional” and “visionary” due to her use of uncommon materials; her penchant for unexpected pairings of metals, stones, and other natural elements; and her continual search for new creative partners who specialize in wood marquetry, miniature painting, bamboo weaving and other unique techniques.


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Sorellina is vintage-inspired but unexpectedly modern
with roots in the golden age of New York style.
Co-founders and sisters Nicole & Kim Carosella grew up of the north
shore of Long Island, NY, where they were raised with a deep appreciation
for the arts and shared a love of design. After graduating with
a Fine Arts degree from USC, Nicole studied Jewelry Design at the
Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Kim attended Tulane
University for Art History, and then relocated to Florence, Italy,
to continue her studies.
Upon Kim's return to New York, the sisters decided to set the course
for their future business. After both working in the jewelry industry,
in early 2012, with a clear vision, Nicole and Kim founded Sorellina.
With an opportunity to develop jewelry that expresses their own
unique sensibility, the sisters began clearly defining what great design
means to them and how that translates to their clientele. Neither subtle
nor discreet, Sorellina pieces are bold statement pieces made for
the urban, modern woman. Sorellina creates a harmonious dichotomy
by seamlessly blending opposing ideas of feminine with masculine
and vintage with modern. A distinct style emerges from this balance
that is quintessential Sorellina.


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State Property is a contemporary fine jewellery label rooted in Southeast Asian city-state, Singapore. Founded by a jeweller and an industrial designer, the label navigates the cusp of art and design, fusing contemporary approaches to design with traditional craftsmanship.

Inspired by Mother Nature and where she meets science, State Property plays with structured silhouettes in precious metals juxtaposed against the soft textures of the body, offering subtle yet adventurous pieces for those with an appetite for both style and quality.

Now available in the United States, the United Kingdom and Singapore, State Property is quickly becoming a cult favourite across the globe, with fans that include some of the most influential women, like Michelle Obama, Nicole Kidman, and Lady Gaga.


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Blending predominantly traditional embroidery techniques with 3D printing, laser engraving, painting and found objects, Wilson’s manipulation of multiple materials produces wholly unique works of art. His work reflects high fashion influences, traditional craft and quilting techniques, and a pop-culture aesthetic. His pieces often contain millions of embroidery stitches and take hundreds of hours to create.

Born and raised in Hoboken, New Jersey, Stephen Wilson is a conceptual artist whose unique medium carries his message. A background in fashion and home design built Wilson’s embroidery-digitizing mastery and creative expertise. In his fine arts practice, Stephen is deeply interested in the intersection of traditional craft and contemporary culture. Wilson is represented by major galleries across the US, including Art Angels, Roman Fine Art, DTR Modern Galleries (NY, Boston, DC, Palm Beach.)

His work is frequently exhibited along with his neo-pop / urban art contemporaries i.e. Robert Mars, Mr. Brainwash, Punk Me Tender; and major contemporary / modern / pop artists such as Warhol, Hirst, and Kapoor. Stephen’s work was acquired internationally by the National Gallery of Art (Sofia, Bulgaria), Minart (Museo International de Arte) Museum (Guadalajara, Mexico) and the Brunello Cucinelli headquarters (Solomeo, Italy), in addition to private and public collections throughout the United States. His work has been publicly exhibited in diverse locales from the Lincoln Center in New York to Catch Restaurant in Los Angeles.


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storrow was founded out of a long standing love of antiquing and jewelry. In between spending 10+ years as a fine jewelry buyer for luxury retailers, Jennifer Koche would peruse antique fairs and stores across the world searching to find heirloom pieces that were as unique and special as the ones that were passed down from her grandmothers and mother. It was then that the idea came about to bring the essence of the same pieces to others to enjoy as much as she does. It was then that storrow came to be.


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Suzanne Kalan travels the world to select some of the finest gemstones. She is highly acclaimed for her keen sense of color and innovative designs that are unparalleled in the fine jewelry world. She brings an entirely new meaning to contemporary and timeless jewelry. She has created an affordable fine jewelry brand that is fashionable and traditional, with a natural elegance. Her pieces are distinctive and bold with exceptional craftsmanship. Her team of experts handcrafts the jewelry in their Los Angeles studio.


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Trove is an ever-evolving body of work that aims to enhance our owner’s enjoyment of their jewellery and special objects. Trove finds inspiration in design, antiques, stories and sentiment. We are driven by a deep respect for objects and want to shine a light on the memories and comfort that objects can provide. Trove is based in Melbourne, Australia.

A Trove piece will make connecting with and caring for your jewels and precious objects a pleasure. You will appreciate long lost pieces, find new treasures and re-examine and connect with memories past. It will make the experience of storing and caring for your special pieces and objects as special as the objects themselves. Trove pieces are designed to be an investment that will stand the test of time. 

Taking inspiration from antique jewellery boxes, and painstakingly crafted by hand, each Trove piece is a contemporary take on a long forgotten art form. All Trove items are proudly designed in Melbourne, Australia and our boxes are crafted in China using traditional Lacquerware methods. Each piece  is impeccably designed and superbly crafted. The boxes are made from wood, painted in  (100% heavy metal-free) paint before receiving eight coats of clear lacquer. All boxes are lined with the highest quality suede-like material to ensure your pieces are well cared for. All hardware is brass plated and hidden magnets ensure a wonderfully smooth and easy to use experience.

Historically it was custom for jewellery boxes to feature gold and intricate inlays - this is something we have chosen to replicate with a modern touch. Each Trove piece is made to be used. It’s for the new and old. For the sentimental and the whimsical. It’s the story of you. A collection of personal pieces and artifacts in one thoughtful place.